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The colors of the logo represent the sky at dawn after morning monitoring (early morning doctor’s visits while you are in cycle for IVF). You go in when it's dark out and come out to see the sunrise.

The Colors

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The Open Heart

The heart is open in the middle to symbolize the emptiness you may feel after failed cycles, as well as the openness of wanting to share your struggle with others.


Learn about the Symbolism

The Open Heart

The ends of the heart stretch outwards to represent reaching out and creating a community.

Extended Ends

Learn about the Symbolism

The Open Heart

In my darkest days, social media became both a prison and a refuge. To find my favorite infertility Instagram pages, I had to scroll past what seemed like endless pregnancy announcements, gender reveals, and baby pictures. It was then that it occurred to me that what I really wanted was to be able to find connection once I put my phone down. I wished I could look up and see an infertility symbol on someone's stroller or diaper bag. As if the symbol could say, you are not alone. I see you. I know your pain, too.

During the journey to conceive my daughter and subsequent cycles thereafter, I felt empty and alone. 

I am 1 in 8. Maybe you are, too. But out in public, I cannot see you and you cannot see me.  

5 IVF cycles. 1 miscarriage. 1 chemical pregnancy. 1 miracle child.

I truly believe that the antidote to the loneliness that is induced by infertility is connection and community. This was my motivation behind creating the Open Heart logo in 2018. The colors and elements of the logo represent the ups and downs of infertility and the importance of reaching out to find community.

In early 2022, the Open Heart logo was made into a sticker. Since then I have launched a movement of putting the Open Heart sticker in public places where it is highly visible in hopes that someone out there will see it and feel a little less alone. My wish is that the Open Heart becomes instantly recognizable by the infertility community as a symbol of solidarity. This way, when we are out in public, I will see you and you will see me.

Maybe my story is like yours....